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Help Center

The Toolkit offers software, business forms, training, and more to help your business grow-and succeed. And it's absolutely free to use.

To get started:

Technical requirements for using the Toolkit (what we recommend):

  • Windows XP and higher, Mac OS9 and higher, or Redhat Linux version 7+.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser version 7.0+, or a modern version of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.
  • CD-ROM and 100 MB disk space for installed version of static portal
  • Display: To see the site most clearly, we recommend setting your monitor to a resolution of at least 800 x 600.
  • You will need to enable Javascript in your browser to utilize the full functionallity of the site.  Please visit this page for instructions on how to enable Javascript.

Viewing and working with the Toolkit in non-Roman scripts:

  • Various translated versions of the Toolkit are available in different regions of the world. The Toolkit software is Unicode-based. That means that to use the Search box, for example, you'll need to type your keywords in Unicode. To do this, you may need to set your keyboard layout by selecting the Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > Regional Options > Input Locales and choosing the language you want to type in.
  • Likewise, if you have trouble displaying the characters correctly when viewing a translated, regional version of the Toolkit, try downloading the latest Arial font to your desktop. Uninstall the previous version of Arial, by selecting the Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts and removing the old version of Arial from the folder. Then just double-click on the arial32.exe file on your desktop to install the new version.

To set your browser to accept cookies...

If you're using Internet Explorer

At the top of your browser on your Task Bar:

1.    Choose Tools
2.    Then Internet Options
3.    Click the Privacy tab
4.    The default setting is medium, which will allow you to accept cookies. To change this setting, move the slider to determine which setting you prefer. If your setting has been set to Custom, click the Advanced button and choose Accept Cookies.

If you're using Mozilla Firefox

At the top of your browser on your Task Bar:

1.    Click Tools
2.    Then Options
3.    Click on Privacy
4.    Then expand Cookies
5.    Select 'Allow sites to set Cookies'

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